Install MySQL Connector in Visual Studio 2012


This article shows you how to install the MySQL Connector, create a MySQL database and check the MySQL version.
 Install MySQL Connector v.6.5.4 in Visual Studio 2012

 Step 1: Open MySQL Admin page "Create a new database".

MySQL Admin

 Step 2: Select "Create a new database" > "Testdb".

new database

 Step 3: Select "Create a new Table" > "Student".

New Table
 Step 4: View table student.

View Table

 Step 5: Create a new project using "File" > "New" > "Project..." > "Console Application".

new project

 Step 6: Show Insert Console Application > "Add References"

Console Application

 Step 7: Online search MySQL.

Search MySQL

 Step 8: Here is the code for the Console Application:

Code in console application

Step 9: Use the following Code in the Console Application:

console application code

 Step 10: Run the application.

Run the application
 Now the Create MySQL database, table and MySQL Connector is installed in Visual Studio 2012. I hope you enjoyed this article.

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