New Imrovements in Visual Studio 2013 Preview


In the world of Information Technology when new technology arrives, it brings many improvements that are issues of the previous technology. In that context, Visual Studio 2013 Preview technology has many improvements and fixed issues that are related to the previous technology named Visual Studio 2012. The following are the issues fixed in Visual Studio 2013 Preview:

  • Windows 8.1

    There are some compatibility issues with Windows 8.1. The issues are given below:
    • Profiler: During profile creation of a X64 application in CPU sampling mode on Windows 8.1 in Visual Studio 2012, you receive a message "no data collected". One more issue is when you use Concurrency Visualizer in 64 bit Windows 8.1 operating system, it doesn't work.
    • Simulator: When the Windows Simulator process runs, it receives a message, in other words User Account Control.
    • Phone Tools: The installation of Windows Phone Emulator crashes on Windows 8.1 operating system.
    • Visual Studio IDE: The project conversation report does not form properly.
    • Remote Debugger: The latest version of Remote Debugger is not compatible with the Windows 8.1 operating system.
  • Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013 Preview Roundtrip
    • Blend for Visual Studio 2012
      • A WPF project using ASP.NET 4.5.1 in Visual Studio 2013 preview cannot load in Visual Studio 2012.
      • Silverlight 4.0 project can't be opened in blend.
      • When the Portable Class Library loads in a WPF project, the XML designer cannot load.
    • Lab Management
      • You cannot use Microsoft Test Manager 2012 with Test Controller 2013 for creating a lab environment.
  • C++
    • The compiler generates an incorrect instruction sequence that is used to memory size from which the application crashes.
    • The exception generated at run time, "TypeLoadException", states that a managed interface is not implemented but it is implemented automatically.
    • If you compile the application with the "/analyze" option then an internal compiler error occurs.
  • LightSwitch
    • The LightSwitch HTML client project does not support IntelliSense because the IntelliSense engine has a time out error.
  • Visual Studio Test
    • When you create a Web Test on a computer Visual Studio 2010 crashes when both Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 are installed.
    • The coded UI cannot run together with the cross browser testing feature.
    • If custom work item fields are configured then test plans cannot be accessed.
  • F#
    • If any F# code has two interfaces and both interfaces have the same member name then an internal compiler error occurs.
    • When a NuGet package is installed by the NuGet package manager, the "HintPath" property on the references are missing from your F# project file.
  • Collaboration of Office
    • If you send any file from Visual Studio 2012 to Microsoft Outlook after Visual Studio Update 2 installation, performance is reduced.
  • Windows Form
    • If you use an ActiveX Control and a Windows Forms application in Visual Basic then the Visual Studio designer may be unable to load after the applications are rebuilt. This issue is related to the timing issue and solved after building the application.
  • Visual Studio IDE
    • If any build error or warning occurs in the creation of a BizTalk project then after selecting the error or warning the IDE cannot locate the line that caused the error or warning.


In the preceding article I have introduced technology improvements and fixed issues in the final release of Visual Studio 2012 which is Visual Studio 2013 Preview. The final version named Visual Studio 2013 is not released yet but the issues are fixed in this Preview release. Please go through this article and let me know if any other issues are fixed or not. 

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