Creating Application in MVC 4 Using Razor

In this article we will learn how to create a basic application in MVC 4 using Razor.

Step 1: Create a new project then select "Visual C#" then inside that select "ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application".

Enter the name as "MyfirstMvcApplication".

MVC4 Web Application

Click "OK". A new windows will pop up like this:

Click ok

Select Internet Application

View engine: Razor (because we will use Razor syntax for coding).

Step 2: After the project is created successfully like this a screen will appear as in the following:

project created successfully

Now in the solution you will see a folders named "Controllers", "Views" and "Models" that are created by default with some files inside them.

Now let's start to add a controller.

Right-click on the "Controller" folder and select Add from list and then you will see controller, select it.
add controller 

After clicking on Controller you will see a popup window like this.

With default name. [DefaultController]

When giving a name to the Controller the word "Controller" should be suffixed always.

Controller the word

I am giving the name MyHomePageController.


After providing the name click the "Add" button.

After this step you will see a Controller created.

With the default method Index ()
Index Method

In this step I will change the Method name Index to MVCHome.
Change Method name Index to MVCHome

Add a View to the Controller in this step.

Right-click on MVCHome.

Select Add View.

Add View

After adding a view you will see a new window.
New Window

In this window you will see View Name that will be the name of the method on which you right-clicked.

There is a dropdown list named View Engine in Razor selected as the default.

And check box create a strongly-typed view that is disabled.

Use a Layout or Master page that is checked by default.

Uncheck that.

Click on the "Add" button.

Add button
After adding the view a folder with the controller name is created and inside that a view with the name "MVCHome" with the extenstion cs.html.

After this in the Controller I will use Viewdata and a ViewBag to display a message in the View that we created.

What ViewData and ViewBag are

1. ViewData and ViewBag are used to pass data from a controller to the corresponding view.
ViewData and ViewBag 
 public ActionResult MVCHome()


        ViewData["MyData"] = "My First Mvc Application WOW";

        // Declaring ViewData like this

        ViewBag.Mydata = "My First Mvc Application WOW";

        // Declaring ViewBag like this

        return View();


Now we will move from the Controller part to the View part.

In the View Part we will display a message stored in the Viewbag and ViewData using Razor Syntax.

Razor syntax begins with @ { }

Using @: to explicitly indicate the start of content.

start of content

After this just run your application.

You will see something is the default page.
default page

To call the view page:
view page

Final Output

We have completed our first tutorial, Wow.

Any issues or problems then just comment on the article to get solutions.

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