Basic Knowledge of WPF: Part 1

1. The first concept in WPF

WPF is Microsoft's technology for strong support for a graphical programming interface for Windows-based applications in the .Net platform. The WPF library system provides strong support for interface design, maximizing the creativity of programmers to create programs with a beautiful interface and is user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use.

As we see, modern applications require an extremely high interface design. Your program must first be beautiful, eye-catching, with many visual effects, ease to use, especially in the era of multi-touch technology and mobile application development today users are particularly interested in the need to support touch and to run on multiple platforms. The Apple iPhone was first launched with technology application programming intuitive human preferences raised to a higher level, and forces the company to shake sanxuat software changes to keep up with new trends,

WPF is built starting in the .Net Framework 3.0. Compared with the design of the programming interface you will see the winform dominance of WPF, UI flexibility in implementation, customization capabilities, minimize breakage case frame, breaking the interface instead of resizing the form. In WPF, controls support features that can be easily used to have a similar control in winform; you must take time to design and effectively bring WPF that you can not match.

2. In designing the WPF technology, the Microsoft policy included 3 main objectives:

  • Provides a unified platform and common standards for the design of user interfaces for applications.
  • Strengthening the independence of the work of the designers and programmers. Each side can work independently under the previous regulations and standards that will ease the job of connecting with each other.
  • Toward a common technology platform to build application interfaces for web and Desktop applications.

3. The party strengths in WPF

WPF is integrated within many different platforms and can simultaneously handle multiple arrays of various jobs in the past that need to combine multiple technologies in a single application to perform various tasks . WPF supports a processor interface to provide controls from basic to advanced, robust support for handling text; it is not only integrated audio processing features, photos, video, graphics 2D, 3D.

I use a simple example, a person wrote a program that shows, updates from the stock market. We might normally think that an interface table with numbers is monotonous and boring. But in WPF you can easily create an application with features such as charts, 2D graphics, 3D. The class diagram in the form, the layer3d is stacked to increase the visibility and enhanced slideshow capabilities; such a program will undoubtedly attract great attention from users.

4. The concept of XAML in WPF

The eXtensible Application Markup Language (XAML) is a language similar to the XML specification. In WPF, the control design code in C# is mapped to the corresponding XAML and everything was designed to be much simpler to help quickly create a beautiful interface design that takes less time. All code designed in C# has corresponding XAML code.

As shown in programming, winform us the traditional way to design the interface well. Apart from understanding graphic design, it is necessary to know both C# and it is extremely necessary to know not merely the basics but also good knowledge of each of control-structure and activity; to analyze the interface when there are changes in size, appearance, location words, visitors to customize the user interface, it must not happen that the interface goes down. Controls are stacked. And of course to ask for one who specializes in design, programming is not a good solution. According to the traditional design, the graphical user interface is drawn in the form of still images, and then image part is cropped and sent to the programmer. The programmer must then use the application design from the designer. But when the designers do not understand the nature of the programming interface, the result is that the interface is very hard to draw realistically or to not fully program the design ideas by the term the array processing programming. Thus was born the disagreement in the design and programming stages, difficulties arise.

XAML was born and has good problem solving ability. XAML is a language that is easy to learn, and WPF itself has strong support for interface design. Thus, the designer will work directly on the interface and easy "realization" of his design ideas. After completing, the perfect interface will be passed to the programmer. Thus, the programmer will reduce heavy design. The result, as we saw above, the issues have been resolved very satisfactorily, the programming and design stages easily work together and the ability to work independently are improving.

For interface design WPF applications outside Microsoft Visual Studio has tools available for spending only design: Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer. The relationship between the designer and the programmer is expressed through the relationship between Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer <-> XAML <-> Visual Studio.

5. Unified programming interface for Windows applications and web applications

If you compare the interface between web applications and Windows applications, we see that each has their own strengths. The Desktop application will surely show up in the interface and requires the implementation of very necessary intervention to hardware to render; hardware such as games and browsers are not compatible. But today's web application development is strong with HTML5, CSS3, scripts and Ajax. The web interface is being "modernized" with many more advantages presented in web applications. But there is still neary no uniformity between the two types of applications.

Coming to WPF has a solution for the unified interface of the application form 2. Both 2 will be identical in design applications on Windows, meaning you only need to run applications designed for the Windows and applications that will run on a normal web without having to do anything further.


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