Install SharePoint Foundation 2010 Installed on Windows 7 64-bit

Stemming from the fact itself, as well as some friends that have a difficult time installing the SharePoint, plus some experience, I wrote this article that will hopefully help those you are experiencing difficulties with the installation of SharePoint. In this article I have attached the installed SharePoint Foundation and a number of accompanying software for your convenience. And this is an indispensable guide to overcome some errors occured during the installation process.

  1. Installing SharePoint Foundation 2010 on Windows 7 64 bit

    For SharePoint 2010, there are 2 versions; SharePoint Server and SharePoint Foundation. SharePoint Server is a commercial version with the full features of all; Foundation is free version with limited functionality, but if it is possible to fully exploit the features and services using SharePoint Foundation then it can also be considered as successful. Here I will guide the implementation of SharePoint Foundation installed on Windows 7 64 bit. Installing Windows SharePoint Server is easy, just run it directly to do it, but on Windows 7 64 bit, then a number of steps are necessary to install the additional software. Note : It is not possible to install SharePoint on Windows 7 32 bit.
  2. Configure the SharePoint installation

    OS: Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 x64 (or Windows Server 2008 R2 x64) / Windows 7 x64 / Windows Vista Service Pack 1 x64 / Windows Vista Service Pack 2 x64.
    2 or more CPU's, RAM 4GB. Microsoft requires a minimum of 4GB RAM installed, but for trial and test purposes I can run on a 2.5GHz dual core PC, 2GB RAM, although somewhat slow but acceptable. And recently, run on Core i3 2.1GHz, 2GB RAM saw a normal run. But probably a 4GB system will be much better, that will also make room for other applications.
  3. Prepare software installed with

    After installation many times I collected 9 installed with software such as the following, it is not necessary to install all possible cases for the machine you already have; one of them, when installing certain software Microsoft packages, if the software already exists then the message will be shown that it is not necessary to reinstall it. And of course it is indispensable to install SharePoint Foundation 2010.

    Link download:

    Download the included software.
    Download Sharepoint Foundation 2010

  4. Unpack the install SharePoint

    After installing, the software will support SharePoint Foundation to extract some changes inside. The extract will use a commandline. To make it easy for you, you should copy the file best installed on drive C: \ and Commandline command as in the following to extract. After you unzip the folder you will get C: \ sp \.




    After unpacking is complete, navigate to the file "C: \ sp \ files \ Setup \ config.xml" to access additional code.

    <Setting Id="AllowWindowsClientInstall" Value="True"/>

    before the </ configuration> and save.
    Commandline Then open and run the code below:

    start / w pkgmgr / iu: IIS-WebServerRole; IIS-WebServer, IIS-CommonHttpFeatures; ^
    -StaticContent IIS, IIS-DefaultDocument;-DirectoryBrowsing IIS, IIS-HttpErrors; ^
    -ApplicationDevelopment IIS, IIS-ASPNET, IIS-NetFxExtensibility; ^
    IIS-ISAPIExtensions;-ISAPIFilter IIS, IIS-HealthAndDiagnostics; ^

    IIS-Security, IIS-BasicAuthentication;-WindowsAuthentication IIS, IIS-DigestAuthentication; ^
    -RequestFiltering IIS, IIS-Performance;-HttpCompressionStatic IIS, IIS-HttpCompressionDynamic; ^
    IIS-WebServerManagementTools;-ManagementConsole IIS, IIS-IIS6ManagementCompatibility; ^
    IIS-Metabase, IIS-WMICompatibility;-WindowsActivationService WAS, WAS-processModel; ^
    -NetFxEnvironment WAS, WAS-ConfigurationAPI; WCF-HTTP-Activation; ^
  5. Setting up IIS

    Finish one step on the "Control Panel" -> "Program and Features" -> "Turn Windows Feature on or off". In the Windows Features dialog box you set the picture as below.


  6. Installing SharePoint Foundation 2010

    After you set up IIS in C: \ sp \ run the Setup file to install. The work is simply Next and Next, the steps as in the following, then select Standalone.

    After you have installed, the SharePoint Configuration dialog box will appear, then next continue through to the system setup program. After 10 steps that are set automatically, if everything is successful then you will obtain the results as in the following:
    After completing all the preceding steps, the program will open a browser with the address of your computer name. You need to log in with the username / password of the computer. Then will be the run-up to the interface on the website, in other words anindication that you have completed all the steps to install SharePoint Foundation 2010 on Windows 7 64 bit, and next you will need to learn about SharePoint..

  7. Corrected error occurred during the installation

    During the installation process the Configuration step is usually very smooth and you will be able to just stop at step 2/10, 5/10 or 8/10. If this is the case then you can overcome that as in the follow:

    Return to file: "C: \ sp \ files \ Setup \ config.xml" and replace all the contents with the following code:

    <configuration> <Package Id="sts"> <Setting Id="SETUPTYPE" Value="CLEAN_INSTALL" /> </ Package> <datadir Value = "% CommonProgramFiles% \ Microsoft Shared \ Web Server Extensions \ 14 \ Data" / > <Logging Type="verbose" Path="%temp%" Template="Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 4.0 Setup *.log" /> <PIDKEY Value="PIDKey Value" /> <Setting Id = "UsingUIInstallMode" Value = " 1 "/> <Setting Id="SETUP_REBOOT" Value="Never" /> <Setting Id="AllowWindowsClientInstall" Value="True"/>
    </ Configuration>

    Install the included software.

    The last case can not be remedied, you should install the best win, and after installing some software dirver necessary to install SharePoint first.

Hopefully the article will help you in the steps to learn SharePoint. Wishing success!


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