Delve For SharePoint Office 365

What Delve is

I know you might not be familiar with Delve. It is like a pack cards with everything I want my SharePoint to have.

Delve is like an Interface for all users that will make our lives in our techie world much easier. You have a meeting? Delve will inform you. You need to see your most-used document? Delve will show you. Find other users online in your people list? Delve will find them for you and much more.

As you can see from the screen below, this is Delve.

As I said, it is a pack cards for a user that wants to stay connected to his work and even his people. It helps users to search and manage their emails, meetings, contacts, social networks and so on, everything from within here.

Delve highlights key information of interest to you, based on what you are working on and the actions of people in your network as in what they are working on.

Delve will help you to personalize your feeds based on what you and your colleagues do. You can even now understand what your current colleagues are working on.

It is like all the information on a page containing all the information you are working on in Outlook, Word, SharePoint Document Libraries, lists and so on and so on.

It controls them and gets information from them and not only yours but even if people in your connections are working in a document or they are posting in something, it will all be visible to you.

Now as a user I would have many documents in many sub-sites. Sometimes it is hard to maintain all of it together since they might be categorized on the basis of various departments or classifications. For them I can tag to my Delve and if I am regularly working on those documents it will automatically get me all those documents on my interface so I need not go and search for my document each and every time.

People call it a Social Networking App but indeed it is much more than that. It is a platform that connects User's Office, SharePoint, Yammer, Outlook and all other socials apps into one, thereby relieving much effort of the users and providing an awesome user interface.

Here it was Delve, an Interface for everyone using SharePoint. Keep Learning.


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