Design Your Views in Office 365 and SharePoint 2013

I encounter my many of my clients as in ways to design their list web parts on their sites. Many of them get astonished by my answer that “It is just a one-minute job”.

Yes, we can do the new design using a SharePoint OOTB feature. We have 8 kinds of styles that can be implemented on a list web part giving your clients an enhanced look and feel on their pages.

Now let's see how.

Go to the current view setting of your web parts.


Scroll down you will find style

basic table image

Here you can choose a style among the 8 kinds and apply them to your web parts by giving them a new outlook. I'll give you a demo of all of them so let's start.

I have created a basic web part on my page and I will show them to you using various styles.

1. Basic Table

Basic Table

This is a basic table style where my columns are divided as a tabular column and the rows so when you have many columns they will all be aligned together as a table.

2. Boxed no labels

Boxed no labels

This is my favourite, my list is divided as single items and have been added to each box but without labels giving a clean look of the page.

3. Boxed


This has only the one difference that it contains the column name as a label.

4. Newsletter


This style makes a newsletter impression on my web part giving clear visuals of the list as a newsletter.

5. Newsletter No Lines

Newsletter No Lines

Here instead of lines we have the combination of shades in the background.

6. Shaded


This web part contains a shaded style with alternate shades on each item.

7. Preview Pane

Preview Pane

Here the web parts turn as a preview pane where my list's columns are on the right and all my list items are on the left side.

8. Default

my list

Last but not the least, our default style that comes up when we add a list web part on the page.

So here we can see 8 styles that you can apply to your web part to view a new look and feel. Until the, keep learning.


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