Configuring Mobile Services In Microsoft Azure

Hi all. I hope you all are fine. Today we will learn how to configure a mobile service in Microsoft Azure. I know you might have tried Azure, however I am new to Azure. And I thought there would be some people like me. ;) If you have a good knowledge of Azure then please share your knowledge, so that I can also be like you.
Procedure to configure
We will configure the mobile service in a step-by-step manner. I will share the screenshots here.
Login to your account then use the following procedure.
Step 1

Click on the + icon at the left bottom side, so that you will get a screen as follows.  
Step 2

Click on the mobile service as shown in the previous image.
Step 3

Click on the Create button.
Step 4

After filling in the required fields, click the Next arrow so that you will go to the next page.
Step 5

Click  the tick arrow to finish the initial set up. Once doing that, your service will be listed in the next screen as follows.
Step 6

As a final step, it is now time to ensure our service is ready. Just click on the link under the tab URL.
You will get a screen as follows if your service is ready.
Wow, is that all? We have done it. So simple, right?
Now please share your valuable suggestions and feedback. It really means a lot. Please help me improve my knowledge. Thanks in advance.
Kindest Regards,
Sibeesh Venu

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