Shortcuts Keys For Windows 8


In this article we are explaining how to use Hotkeys for Windows 8. Microsoft has launched the Windows 8 OS. It is launched with a new interface. Windows 8 provides some shortcut keys. With the help of Hotkeys, you can open the search box, Charms Bar, Switch List, Global Search and others. With the help of Hotkeys, we can reach our proper destination in a computer system without following the usual way. Hotkeys are a time saving. The Hotkeys are given below with the help of images:

Hotkeys for Windows 8

  • Win + C- This Hotkey helps you to open the Charms Bar:


  • Win + Tab- You can open the Switch List:


  • Win + Q- You can open Global Search:


  • Win + W- This Hotkey allows you to search directly within the System Settings:


  • Win + F- You can search within Files
  • Win + Z- Access an open of Metro Application:


  • Win + I- You can open the Settings Menu:


  • Win + P- Open the Second Screen /Projector Settings:


  • Win + H- You can go to the Share Settings Pane.
  • Win + K- Open the Device Settings Pane.
  • Win + X- Open the System Utility Settings:


  • Win + T- Open Windows in the Taskbar.
  • Win + U- Open Ease of Access Center:


  • Win + E- Open Windows Explorer:


  • Win + R- Open Run Dialogue Box.
  • Win + Pause- Open System Properties Window.
  • Win + Enter- Open Windows Narrator.
  • Win + Shift + .- Snap Application to the Right Side:


  • Win + ,- Peek at Desktop.
  • Win + .- Snap Application to the Left Side.
  • Win + L- Lock Screen.
  • Win + D- Go to Desktop.
  • Win + B- Go Back to Desktop.
  • Win + J- Switch focus between snapped Metro Applications.
  • Win + Page Up/Page Down- Switch Primary and Secondary Monitors.
  • Ctrl + Mouse Scroll (In Start Screen)- Tile Zoom Toggle.
  • Ctrl + Mouse Scroll (In Desktop)- Change Desktop Icon Size.
  • Ctrl + Shift + N- Create New Folder in the Current Directory.

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