Create Search Service Application In SharePoint 2013 - Part 2

Please follow my previous article shows how to configure search service application in SharePoint 2013.

Open SharePoint central administration.

SharePoint central administration

Click on manage service application under Application management.

manage service application

Click Search Service Application.

Search service application

Now click on content sources under crawling in the right side margin.

content sources under crawling

Now in this page you are able to see the default content sources and here I am going to create a custom content source for search service application.

Click new content sources.

content sources

Provide the name for the content sources.

Content source type will be default “SharePoint Sites”.

SharePoint site

In the start address box provide the web application url for crawling the site and its contents.

site and its contents

Copy the url and paste into the start address box.

start address box

For crawl settings provide the same default.

Crawl everything under the hostname for each start address” it will help you to crawl the information under hostname for all the site collections.

crawl setting

Crawl schedule will be default “Enable continuous crawl”.

Enable continuous crawl

Click Ok so now the content source created successfully.


Now Start Full Crawl.

Start Full Crawl


Now open the crawl log and content has been successfully crawled.

crawl log

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