Change Audio Language in Windows 8 Media Player


In this article we are explaining how to change the audio language in the Windows Media Player in Windows 8. The Windows Media Player is a standard player that comes with the Windows operating system. It can play audio and video files. The default language for a computer purchased in the United States is English, but you can change the language to whichever one you prefer. This might be useful to someone whose native language is not English, or for someone who is trying to learn a foreign language.

How to change the audio language in the Windows 8 Media Player

Step 1

Open any video file with the Windows Media Player.


Step 2

Now double-click on the screen to go to full screen and right-click and select "Audio and language track" and then "Defaults".


Step 3

A new window will be opened that displays the audio language option.


Step 4

Now select your language from the drop-down that you want and click on "OK".


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