Creating Custom Tiles in Windows 8


Microsoft has been launched Windows 8, a new version of Windows that includes many new features and many changes. New features such as the Charms Bar, Metro Start Screen etc. In Windows 8 the Start Menu has been replaced by the Metro Start Screen. The Metro Start Screen is a collection of Application Tiles (Metro Applications). By Metro Start screen you can access any application easily like the Start Menu in previous versions of Windows. If you want to add your favorite application or folder to the Metro Start Screen then you can easily do that. For that you have to right-click on the application icon or folder then you will see the option "Pin to Start".

When you pin any application or folder to the Metro Start Screen then it is set to the Start Screen and displayed in the default icon format. If you want to change the tile's format to a different color or different image style then you can't because Windows 8 doesn't allow the Tiles Format to be changed. To do it you have to use the third party application "OblyTile". OblyTile is a small application that can be used to create custom Tiles on the Start Screen. Using Obly Tile you can create custom tiles in a different color and different image style for specific applications.

You can download OblyTile from this link.

How to create custom tiles for the Start Screen in Windows 8.

Step 1

Download "OblyTile" and run its as an Administrator.


Step 2

The OblyTile window will be opened; in this window enter your "Tile name".


Step 3

In this step, click on the program path and select the program path for which you want to create Tiles on the Start Screen. In this example you are creating Tiles for a "Word File".


Step 4

In this step click on "Tile image" and choose the image you want to display on the Tiles.


Step 5

If you want to set the color for Tiles then select the color from the tiles background color and click on "Create Tile".


Step 6

Tile Created message will be displayed; click on "OK".


Step 7

Now go to the Start Screen; the custom created Tiles will be displayed.


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