Fix: Unable to Update Windows 8 Store Apps


One of the newest features of Windows 8 is the Windows Store Apps by which you can download Metro apps and Desktop applications for Windows 8. You can also use the Windows Store to update Windows Store apps. But sometimes when you try to install or update apps from Windows Store the installation fails and you get an error "something happened and this app couldn't be installed. Try again. Error code: 80080602".

In this article we explain how to fix the error Windows 8 store unable to update application. This type of problem occurs because your Windows Update setting may be changed or the Windows Firewall may be disabled. So first you have to enable the Windows Firewall.

How to fix Windows 8 Store update problems

Step 1

Go to the Control Panel and click on "Find and fix problems" under "System and security".


Step 2

In this step click on "Fix problems with Windows Update".


Step 3

The Windows Update window will be opened. click on "Next".


Step 4

In this step click on "Try Troubleshooting as an Administrator".


Step 5

Its will take a few seconds to find and fix the problem. After the problem is fixed click on "Close".


Step 6

Now restart the system and try to update Windows Store apps.