How to Assign Static IP Address in Windows 8


In this article we are explaining how to manually configure or assign a static IP address in Windows 8. When you install Windows 8 it's configured using defaults and obtains an IP address automatically from the DHCP server. Under normal circumstances this configuration does not need to be changed in both home and production environments. In some cases you want to assign an IP address manualy for the computer in order to control the connectivity of computers on the network granularly.

If you have a home network with several computers and devices then its a good idea to assign static IP addresses manually. If you use a DHCP IP address then each computer will request and be assigned an address every time its booted up. When you have to do troubleshooting on your network, it is annoying going to each machine to figure out what IP address they have. Using static IPs prevents address conflicts among computers and allows you to manage them more easily.

Steps to manually configure IP address in Windows 8

Step 1

Go to the search box and type "ncpa.cpl" and click on the icon that appears in the result.


Step 2

A Network Connection window will be opened. In the Network Connection window right-click on "Local area connection" and select "Properties".


Step 3

A properties window will open. In this window select to "Internet protocol version 4" and then click on "Properties".


Step 4

Another new window will be open. In this window click on "Use the following IP address". And provide your IP address then click on "OK" to save the setting.


Step 5

In this step click on the "Close" in the Ethernet properties window. All your network settings will be changed.


Step 6

Now you can see your changed IP addresses. To do that open a command prompt as an Administrator and type "ipconfig" and press the Enter button.


Step 7

Your network adapter settings have been changed.


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