How to Enable Telnet in Windows 8


In this article we are explaining how to enable the Telnet program in Windows 8. Telnet is a network protocol that allows the user remote login in the network. Telnet is a very useful pre-installed Windows program that is by default disabled in Windows 8 for security reasons. When you need to remote login in the network you are in you have to enable this feature.

After installing Telnet you can check it by going to a command prompt and type "Telnet". By default if you do that then it will show the error "Telnet is not a recognized internal or external command".

How to enable Telnet in Windows 8.

Step 1

Open Control Panel and click on "Programs and Features".


Step 2

In the "Programs and Features" window click on "Turn windows feature on or off".


Step 3

The Windows feature window will be opened; check "Telnet Client" and "Telnet Server" and click on "OK". Wait a few minutes and after it completes the installation click on "Close".


Step 4

To check whether Telnet is enabled or not, open a command prompt and type "Telnet" and press Enter.


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