How to Fix Missing Metro Apps in Windows 8


In this article we are going to explain how to fix a missing Windows Metro application in Windows 8. If you upgrade your Windows 8 RTM from Windows 8 Release Preview or Windows Developer Preview then your Windows may encounter a problem such as a missing Metro Application from the Start Screen or missing Desktop tile from the Start Screen. This problem occurs because when Windows 8 is upgraded from a previous Windows it couldn't correctly install and instead something is cropped some the system file.

To solve this problem there are two options, Rest and Referee in Windows 8 by which you can fix this type of problem. If you fix the problem using System Restore then it doesn't effect any of your documents, pictures or personal data. But maybe Uninstall recently Installed a program. If you are using Referee then it basically reinstalls Windows without losing something and document and data. Just like repair for Windows XP and Windows 7.

How to scan and check for missing Metro Applications and fix them.

Step 1

Open a command prompt as an Administrator.


Step 2

In the command prompt window type "sfc/scannow" and press Enter. It will scan for missing applications. Wait a few minutes.


Step 3

After scanning it will show any missing applications in the result.


Step 4

After finding missing applications, now we will try to fix this problem. To do that click the right-button and select "Search Box".


Step 5

In the search box type "Recover" and click on the "Setting" option.


Step 6

In this step select "Create restore point" from setting the window for restoring the window. If you want to Referee your window then click on "Refresh your PC".


Step 7

The Properties window will be opened. Click on "System Restore".


Step 8

The System Restore window will be opened. Click on "Next".


Step 9

In this step it will ask for you confirmation to something your Restore point. Click on "Finish". After that a configuration message will be displayed; click on "Yes". Your system will be restarted; wait a few minutes or maybe a hour. It will take time depending on what installed applications are in your Windows.