How to Save Bing Image to Local Drive in Windows 8


The Metro Start screen is the best feature of Windows 8 that contains a collection of applications, games and shortcut for installed Windows application. The Windows 8 Start screen provides a Bing application that allows the user to directly search online content and images like a Bing search in the browser and you don't need to open the web browser application and enter an URL.

In this article we explain how to save a Bing wallpaper and search for an image on your hard disk. Bing search allows online searches for content and images. After searching for an image if you want to save the image then use the  procedure described here.

How to save a Bing image on the local drive.

Step 1

Launch Bing apps from the start screen.


Step 2

In Bing apps search for the image you want to save.


Step 3

After searching for an image right-click on the image and select "copy" from the context menu.


Step 4

After copying the image a message will be displayed "Copying image to clipboard".  Now paste this image on any image editor, like Paint etc.


Step 5

If you want to directly save an image then right-click and select "Save as". If you want to save this image directly to the Lock screen then click on "Save as lock screen".


Step 6

In this step select the drive folder where you want to save the image.


Step 7

Now you can open the image from the drive folder.


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