Turn Off BitLocker Drive Encription in Windows 8


In this article we are explain how to turn off or disable BitLocker from a drive in Windows 8. BitLocker is a full drive protection feature of Windows that prevents the opening of a locked drive and protects your data. When you try to open a BitLocker locked drive then it asks for a password. But sometimes you need to disable BitLocker or turn off the BitLocker from a drive.

BitLocker is available in Windows Vista and Windows 7 with Enterprise and Ultimate editions. BitLocker was first introduced with Windows Vista. It is also available in Windows 8 with protection and Enterprise editions. BitLocker helps everything in documents to be safer by encrypting an entire drive that Windows and your data resides in. Once BitLocker is turned on, everything you save on that drive is encrypted automatically.

Lock drive from BitLocker.


How to Turn off BitLocker.

Step 1

Go to the search box and type "Control panel" and click on Control Panel.


Step 2

In Control Panel click on "BitLocker Drive Encription".


Step 3

In this step select the drive for which you want to disable BitLocker and click on "Turn off BitLocker".


Step 4

In this step its asks for your confirmation; click on "Turn off BitLocker".


Step 5

Then the process to turn off Bitlocker will begin; wait some minute.


Step 6

After the process is completed click on "Close".


Step 7

Open your my computer drive. Bitlocker will not be shown on the drive.



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