Connecting Bluetooth Device With Windows 10 Laptop

Bluetooth is a wireless communication protocol that can replace wired communication. You can communicate using Bluetooth with mobile and laptop devices. After connecting the Bluetooth device with a Windows 10 laptop you can perform many tasks apart from transferring files. Assume you have no network access and you need to transfer the file then you will understand the value of Bluetooth. You can perform several things by connecting with a Bluetooth device. Such as, by connecting your speakers using a Bluetooth device you can listen to music. You can also print by connecting a Bluetooth device and take printouts.

The following  is the procedure to connect a Bluetooth device with a Windows 10 laptop.

  • Click the Settings by following the Start button.

  • Now Select the Device Category.

  • At the left side you can find Bluetooth.

  • Now by using slider switch on the Bluetooth.

  • The laptop will start searching for the activated device.

  • After completing the searching you can see the device list. Click on it after clicking it you will see a Pair button, click on the Pair button.

  • Now your device will be paired with your Windows 10 laptop. But you need to confirm the Passcodes. Provide a declaration of the code that you see on your device and on your Windows screen.

  • After the confirmation of the code your device will be successfully connected with your Windows 10 laptop.


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