Windows 8 Multi-Monitor Tips


In this article we are going to provide some Windows 8 multi-monitor tips. If we use multiple monitors then we will find numerous enhancements in Windows 8 that will make us more productive and make it easier to customize our PC. So the background customization also has major enhancements. Then we can easily change and set various backgrounds in our monitor, and then we can easily span background images across monitors. This article is dedicated to the Windows 8 power user which is much more helpful to understand multi monitor tips.

Taskbar Customization

Some steps to the customization taskbar.

Step 1

First we start on the Windows 8 Desktop.


Step 2

Right-click on the Taskbar and select Properties.


Step 3

Then we see the Taskbar Properties window.


Step 4

On the bottom half of the Taskbar tab we will see the new Multiple Display options.

Select the box to show the taskbar on all displays.

You have three options that change how the Taskbar buttons are shown:

  • All Taskbars
  • Main taskbar and taskbar where window is open
  • Taskbar where window is open

We can also tweak how the buttons are displayed on other taskbars by selecting always combine, hide labels, combine when taskbar is full or never combine.


Background Customization

Open the Desktop background screen and select a background image.

We can now right-click on an image and designate what monitor you want it to display on.


You can also select from a new set of position settings.


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