Get Facebook Updates Using REST in Facebook Graph API

This article provides the procedure to retrieve Facebook updates using REST in the Facebook Graph API.

Nowadays many of the companies are using social media to reach customers. So most customers are expecting the recent Facebook and Twitter updates to display in their home page site.

SharePoint 2013 is more collaborative with social media activities and all of the clients are expecting the home page to display the Facebook and Twitter updates.

For that Facebook itself havs developer tools to GET/POST the updates to the account. It is similar to the REST API.

Fist we will see how they are retrieving the updates from Facebook. Later in this article we will see how to get the items from Facebook and update them into a SharePoint list or library.

Go to the Facebook developer URL specified below.

Developer Support

Then select the GRAPH API explorer option as in the following:

It will ask for the Facebook login and ID. Once you have entered the login credentials click the Enter button and it will redirect to the following page.

Here the important thing is to get your access token. Click the get your access token then a popup window will be shown. You then need to select the user options.

If you want to retrieve the posts then you need to select the GET option and the following that you need to enter into the fields that you want to retrieve.

Then the output file will exist with the JSON format as in the following sample:

In this section you select other activities about the user. If you want to get the user's posts (it will exist as video, image, shared link and so on) then the only messages you need to enter are the POSTS as in the following section, whatever you want.

I hope you have enjoyed this. In the next article I will update this Facebook JSON format output to our SharePoint list/library.

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