Enable Yammer Service in SharePoint Online

In this article I would like to share the procedure for enabliing the Yammer service in SharePoint Online.

What is Yammer Integration in SharePoint?

This is a value-added feature integration in SharePoint. People can collaborate easily using Yammer. Adding a Yammer feed to a SharePoint site lets people post, reply and like Yammer conversations right inside of a team or project website. No need to navigate away; everything's available in one location.

How to Enable Yammer Service

Use the following listed procedure to enable the Yammer service in SP Online.

Step 1

Open the “Microsoft Online Portal” (Admin Center) in your browser as in the following:

URL: https://portal.microsoftonline.com/default.aspx

Provide the username and password to login the portal, then you will be navigated to online portal (Admin Center) as shown below:

login portal

Step 2

Then click on the “Admin” dropdown on the portal. On the dropdown select the “SharePoint” as shown below:

Admin page

Step 3

When you click on the SharePoint, you will be navigated to “SharePoint Admin center” as shown below. In the left navigation click on settings:

side collection

Step 4

On the settings page, by default the “Use SharePoint Newsfeed” option is selected in the Enterprise Social Collaboration section as shown below:

admin social collaboration

Step 5

Select the “Use Yammer Service” option. This update might take up to 30 minutes for us to complete:

enterprise social collaboration

Step 6

Then click on “Ok” to save the settings as shown below:

access apps

Finally your settings will be changed and the Yammer service will be activated in your SharePoint Online.


In this article we have explored how to activate the Yammer service in SharePoint online. Happy Learning.

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