How to Check JSON Validation and Fetching the Attribute Value

JSON parsing retrieves data from a server to a client (I-Phone/I-Pad or any compatible) in a well readable format.

JSON is a light-weight parsing technique so most developers prefer this parsing.

Before parsing any URL you must be sure the URL is valid.

You can check by typing that URL in a Browser.

After refreshing, the result will be found in the browser window, if the URL is not valid then an error will be shown.

Valid URL:


Invalid URL:


If an URL is valid then the Attribute's value is not in a readable format or the user must pay more attention to determine the value of a particular attribute value.

For Ex: "State":"New York"

There is a web tool ( from where we can find both JSON URL validation and the attribute's value in a readable format in any browser.

Step 1: Type in the browser.

Step 2: Enter your URL in the textview.


Step 3: Press the "Validate" button in the bottom-left of the textView.

Step 4: The result will be shown in the text view, whether it is valid or not.

Valid URL:


Invalid JSON:


If the JSON is valid then you can find the Attribute's value easliy.

Ex: "State":"New York" 

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