Changing HomeGroup Password in Windows 8

In my previous article I described how to set up or configure your Widnows 8 system with a HomeGroup Network to share the files and resources with the other PCs in the HomeGroup.

When you set up a HomeGroup in a Windows 8 PC, it will generate a default password that you can use in the future to connect with other PCs. But it is difficult to remember the password that the system creates as it is such type of difficult.

You can change the password to something easy to remember, which will make things easier when joining other systems. So, in this article I will show how you can change the default password for a HomeGroup in Windows 8.

Here is the procedure to be followed.

Step 1

Open the Run box and type Control Panel in the box.


Step 2

Then click on Network and Internet from the Control Panel window.


The Network and Sharing Center window opens on the Desktop.

Step 3

Click the HomeGroup Link from it.


Step 4

Under Home Group Actions click Change the Password.


Step 5

Then click Change the Password.


Step 6

Now, you can type in your own password that's easier to remember. Click the Next button.


Step 7

You will get the status message, the Homegroup password has been successfully change. Click Finish.


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