How to Show Current Path on Title Bar in Windows 8

Windows 8 is now released and Microsoft has changed some default behavior that exists in the previous version of Windows. Here I will discuss with you one of the changes that has occured in Windows 8.

As you know, the title bar of Windows Explorer is used to display the complete path of the drive or directory where the file resides, like this:


But, in Windows 8 the common default behavior would be omitted. Now, the title bar does not show the full path of the current location in the Windows Explorer. But if you want this, you can change this by doing the following.

Step 1

Open the Windows Explorer by pressing the Win+R key.

You will see that the title bar does not show the full path of the location.


Step 2

Go to the View menu from the top of the window.


Step 3

Select the Option from the top left of the window. Now, click on the "Change folder and search options" from the drop-down list.


Step 4

Swith to the View tab in the Folder option window.


Step 5

At last check the "Display the full path in the title bar" checkbox like this. Click the Ok button to apply the change.


Now when you open the Windows Explorer and go down the particular location, the Title displays the current location to you.