Kolkata Chapter Developer Day Official Recap

We recently concluded the first Developer Day of our Kolkata Chapter on 1st June, 2013. This is a recap of the event. The event kicked off at the scheduled time at Microsoft office in Kolkata and we had only 5 attendees to start with. Out of 40 registrations, seeing only 5 was a bit heartbreaking. But within 30 minutes, we had a packed room and we were short of space. It seemed that if a few more candidates turned up, we might need to tell them to attend the event by standing.

Session 1

Language Internals of C# by Abhishek Sur


  • Delegates
  • Events
  • LINQ
  • Iterators
  • Dynamic

Session 2

Developing Windows Store apps using HTML & JavaScript


  • Understanding Apps
  • Understanding Windows Store Apps
  • Why should you write Windows Store Apps
  • Default Project templates provided for Windows Store apps using HTML & JS
  • Basics of Windows Store Apps using HTML & JS
  • WinJS & Promises
  • Build an app
  • Use of AppBar/Flyout controls

Attendees at the event


After the session, we had a small quiz and prizes event. A few of the prizes the attendees won were:

  • "Under the Hood" -  a book on SQL
  • T-shirts from Redgate
  • Pen Drive from Redgate
  • ".Net Cookbook" from Abhishek Sur




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