How I Became a C-Sharpcorner Addict

How I became a C-sharpcorner addict.

"Addiction is the continued repetition of a behavior despite adverse consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors.": Wikipedia

Generally,  the word "addiction" is used in a negative manner. But I have a different opinion here and you may agree with me after reading this article.

My first interface with C-sharpcorner

 I was introduced to c-sharpcorner via Twitter when I saw a retweet regarding the c-sharpcorner conference held this year in NCR. I was curious to attend that conference and it was a day worth spent there. There, I met Mahesh, Dhananjay and many other motivating speakers. Hence, I started following c-sharpcorner at Twitter. But I was still a visitor there.

Second interaction with Mahesh Chand at last NCR chapter

Being an IT professional for more than 9 years, I was rarely contributing back to this vast industry unless I met Mahesh who motivated me to write blogs and articles.

My first blog at C-sharpcorner

I was delighted to see my first ever blog on the home page of C-sharpcorner. This motivated me to continue my sharing and learning through this platform.

Answers section

Then, I encountered with the Q&A section, where people resolved their queries. I started replying to their questions while researching the topics. I feel by answering other queries you move out of silos and try to solve various problems. Moreover, I realized that every accepted response motivates you while getting into a technical conversation with the people in the forums.

Daily reading habit

Apart from the answer section, I started reading blogs at c-sharpcorner that is useful and worth reading. And, I must say, it is a single-stop shop to keep you updated on technology.

Addiction for C-sharpcorner

C-sharpcorner is the only website of my choice that I look for after opening a browser. I've setup C-sharpcorner as the default startup page in the Chrome browser. This is my addiction, that I am following diligently.

Looking forward to your feedback and comments on this article.

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