Setup Visual Studio 2015 Preview Quickly Via Azure

Microsoft announced Visual Studio Ultimate 2015 Preview (Visual Studio 2015) Preview last week at the Connect() conference in New York City. The world was watching the event and jaw dropping announcements were made by Microsoft, that tops technology websites. One of the important announcements was VS2015 Preview, that I couldn't resist trying. VS2015 has awesome features, so there are the following two options to get it.

Option 1

Download VS2015 and install it in your machine, please refer @Manish Tewatia detailed article on the same, please visit:

This will install VS2015 in your local machine, so you need to invest time and sacrifice some GBs on your drive.

Option 2

The other option is to install it quickly within a few minutes, please read on.

Note: you can skip Step1 if you already have an Azure account.

Step 1: Get you Azure (Microsoft cloud) account

Currently, Azure is offering a free one-month trial with $200 to spend on all Azure services.

FAQ: Azure Free Trial FAQ.

Goto URL: Free one-month trial.

free one month trial

  • Click “Try it now”.

    signin with microft account

  • Sign in with you Microsoft account ID otherwise click “Sign up now”. Please skip the following step if you have a Microsoft ID.

  • Sign up now will take you to the following page, furnish details:

    create an account

    Important Note: During Azure account creation, it'll ask you for credit card details and a verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number. Please keep things ready with you.

  • Once your account is created in Azure, you can access your Azure dashboard.

    window azure

Step 2: Create the Virtual Machine

Note: Please go through the Microsoft Azure pricing policy to understand the amount will be deducted from your account balance based on the action that you do.

  • Click the New button.


  • Go to Virtual Machine > From Gallery.

    ircm gallery

  • Choose an Image.

    From the left pane, select Visual Studio and then pick “Visual Studio Ultimate 2015 Preview” and click Next (->).


  • Furnish the details for Virtual Machine Configuration and click Next (->).


  • Furnish more details for Virtual Machine Configuration. Enter the cloud service DNS name and Region for your virtual machine.

    cloud app net

    Make sure you've included Remote Desktop as EndPoints, I advise you to keep the default settings. Click Next (->).

  • At the final step, ensure “Install the VM Agent” is checked.

    install the vm agient

    Click to tick the image and the setup of Virtual machine is done.

  • Now, go to Azure dashboard and check the status of your VM. Once the status switches to RUNNING move to Step 3, my dashboard preview.

    credit status

    Note: The new VM machine will take some time to commission, so please wait until your machine shares the following.
Step 3: Login into Virtual machine
  • Click Connect and it'll download a RDP file:

    Virtual machine

  • Click the RDP file and enter your login credentials.

  • You'll see Visual Studio 2015 Preview on the Desktop.

    visual studio 2015 preview

  • Open Visual Studio Ultimate 2015 Preview and you're done.

    ultimate 2015 preview

Please share your feedback and comments.


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