Jabalpur Chapter Meet Official Recap: 19 July, 2014

A trick to gain knowledge is to always to learn from the experts that can demonstrate, engage and involve the participants throughout the session. Such an event was organized at Shri Ram Engineering College (SRIT) that is among one of the top Engineering colleges in Jabalpur.

The event organized on July 19, was open to the professionals and students from various colleges who seek to learn, grow and develop their skills. This Chapter meeting was the much awaited Chapter meeting that all the professionals and students have been looking for.

This much anticipated event started sharp at 10:30 A.M, with the introduction of C# Corner by Neelesh Vishwakarma and Supreet Tare who were the keynote speakers and also the member of C# Corner Jabalpur chapter. The agenda of the event was:
  • Basics of Windows Phone application development
  • Basics of Azure mobile services

It began with an interactive session on “Introduction of Visual Studio and XAML”, where participants solved their queries. All the participants seemed enthusiastic throughout the session. Since this was the first ever encounter of WP development for a few, only the basics were explained on various project templates, layouts, navigation, some basic controls, maps and scheduled services.

The audience got so immersed in this session that they eventually lost track of time. The second session on Introduction to Azure mobile services was then scheduled for the next chapter meet. The event end with a Q&A round, which again bound the interest of the participants. C# Corner T-shirts were given to those who spontaneously answered the questions.

After getting a positive feedback from the participants and college management, the team is planning to conduct another session that would again help the students to learn, grow and become a member of the C# Corner community.

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