Action Call Property and Renaming an Action in QTP Testing

For a specific call to an action, the Action Call Properties dialog box controls the action behavior. It enables us to specify the initial value for any input action parameters and the location in which you want to store the values of the output action parameters and also specify how many times QuickTest should run the called action.

We can open Action Call Properties Dialog Box during editing or recording the test by

  • Right-click on an action node in the Keyword View and select Action Call Properties
  • Select Step > Action Call Properties from the Keyword View when an action node is highlighted

The Action Properties dialog box allows the user to set options that only apply to a particular action call. The dialog box contains both the Parameter Values tab as well as Run tab.


Renaming Actions

We can rename the action from the Expert View as well as Keyword View using the Rename Action dialog box or Action Properties dialog box.


How to rename the action using Rename Action dialog box

  1. In Keyword View, select the call to the action we want to rename and select Edit > Action > Rename Action. It will open the Rename Action dialog box.
  2. Write a new name into the New Name box.
  3. Click on the OK button to save the new name.

To rename an action using Action Properties dialog box

  1. In the Keyword View, select the action you want to rename and choose Edit > Action > Action Properties. The Action Properties dialog box will open.
  2. Write the new name into the New Name box of the General tab.
  3. Click on the OK button to save the new name.

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