Adding Test Objects to the Local Object Repository From the Active Screen

We can select a test object of the current action from the Active Screen to add it to the object repository. To add the test object to the repository through the Active Screen, the Active Screen must contain information for the object you want to add.

You can control how much information is captured in the Active Screen in the Active Screen node of the option dialog box.


How to add a test object (using the add object option of the Active Screen) to the object repository:

  1. Select View-Active screen or click the Active Screen toolbar button to display it.
  2. Select a step whose object are in the Active Screen that you want to add to the object repository.
  3. In the active screen, right-click the test object you want to add and select Add object.


  4. If the location is associated with more than one object then the object selection dialog box opens. Select the particular object you want to add to the object repository and click the OK button. The Object Properties dialog box opens and displays the default identification properties for the object.
  5. Click the Add to Repository button. The selected object will be added to the local object repository for the current action with default identification properties and values. The Add to Repository button changes to view in repository.


  6. Click view in repository. The object repository window opens and displays the object properties for the selected test object.
Select Object Types Dialog Box

The Select object type dialog box allows you to specify a custom object filter for adding test objects to the object repository while using the Add objects, Navigate or the Learn option.

When you define an object filter, it is automatically saved for future add object operations performed from either the Add Objects and Navigate and Learn option. You can open the select Object Types dialog box by clicking the select button in the Define object Filter dialog box.

test obj1.JPG


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