Creating Synchronization Point

If you do not want QuickTest to perform a step pr checkpoint until an object in your application achieves a certain status then you should insert a synchronization point to instruct QuickTest to pause the test until the object property achieves the value you specify (or until a specified timeout is exceeded).


For example, suppose you record a test on a flight reservation application. You insert an order and then you want to modify the order. When you click the Insert Order button, a progress bar is displayed and all other buttons are disabled until the progress bar reaches 100%. Once the progress bar reaches 100%, you record a click on the Upload Order button.


You can insert a synchronization point that instructs QuickTest to wait until the Update Order button's enabled property is 1.

To insert a synchronization point:

  1. Begin recording your test.
  2. Display the screen or page in your application that contains the object for which you want to insert a synchronization point.
  3. In QuickTest, choose Insert>Synchronization Point. The mouse pointer becomes a pointing hand.


  4. Click the object in your application for which you want to insert a synchronization point.

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