How To Browse a Project's Bamboo Builds

JIRA displays the recent Bamboo build activity and build plan status for a particular project (If the user's organization uses Atlassian's Bamboo and the user's administrator has integrated the Bamboo with JIRA.). The "Builds" tab provides you with the build information related to the project, like the latest status of the build plans for the related builds, i.e. the build plan contains a build that has an issue from the project linked to it. It also included the list of the builds that are related to the project, i.e. builds that have issues from the project linked to them.

Viewing the Bamboo build information related to a project

  1. On the top navigation bar, click on the "Projects" Drop down. The project's category will display. User can also access his current project directly by simply clicking the "Projects" tab instead of the Project's drop down.
  2. Click on the project that the user wants to browse or click on the "View All Projects" link, a list of all accessible projects will display.
  3. Click on the "Builds" link on the left side of the page.


    The Builds page will open.


    Displaying Builds related to the particular project.

  4. Click on the "Latest Plan Status" link at the top of the "Builds" page. The Status of Build plan related to the particular project will open.


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