Viewing Object Properties and Operations Using the Object Spy

We can view the supported properties and operations of any object in an open application by using the Object Spy pointing hand mechanism.


An Object's details are displayed in the Object Spy as we move the pointing hand over the objects in the application.These details may include the test object's hierarchy tree, its identification properties and values and the operations associated with the object. For operations,the syntax is also displayed.

spy 1.JPG

How to view native properties, native operations, test object operations and identification properties:

  1. Open the page containing the object on which you want to spy.
  2. Click the Object Spy toolbar button or Select tool > Object Spy to open the Object Spy dialog box.
  3. Select the details you want to view for the object.
  4. If the objects have long property names and values, or deep hierarchy, resize the Object Spy dialog box to view all the information without scrolling.


  5. Click on the pointing hand in the Object Spy. As you move the pointing hand over the objects in your application, the objects are highlighted (They are hidden by default), and you can view their test object hierarchy and properties or operations in the Object Spy dialog box.

    spy 4.jpg

  6. However in your application the object is highlighted in the application and the Object Spy displays the corresponding test object, its properties or operations and the test object hierarchy tree.

    spy 2.JPG


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