How to Build Forum Application in C#

In this article I would like to share how to develop a forum application similar to C# corner. I used the CSS from this site since I am not familiar with CSS very well.

This application is done using Entity Framework.


This application mainly covers:

  1. Registering users.
  2. Checking the availability of users.
  3. Posting questions & replies for the questions.
  4. Like the posted questions.
  5. Will not allow self Likes (no chance for liking his own questions).
  6. Will not allow a user to like the same question multiple times.

Sample Images

Home page

Image 1.jpg

Home, Questions, Ask Question were developed.


Image 2.jpg

Image 3.jpg

After Login

Image 4.jpg

Latest Questions

Image 5.jpg

Post a question

Image 6.jpg

Image 7.jpg

After a successful post, questions will be displayed in descending order.

Image 8.jpg

Selecting a question will redirect to the display page where we can like and post answers.

Image 9.jpg

Self Like:

Image 10.jpg

Login as a different user and clicking "Like" will be displayed as follows:

Image 11.jpg

Liking the same question by the same user multiple times:

Image 12.jpg

Post a reply

Image 13.jpg

With replies

Image 14.jpg

Multiple likes by various users:

Image 15.jpg

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