Configure the Secure Store Service in SharePoint 2013

About the Secure Store Service

This service is running on an application server and providing the authorization. The Secure Store Service provides a database for storing the credentials. The Secure Store Service provides support for storing multiple sets of credentials for multiple back-end systems.

The primary use of this service includes Excel Services, Visio Services, PerformancePoint, Business Connectivity Services (BCS), Power Pivot and so on.

For example when we are connecting an Excel with external data sources then it needs to pass the user credentials like user name and password. These types of scenarios can be solved by configuring an unattended service account for the external data access.

Target applications

A target application is a collection of information that maps a user or users to a set of encrypted credentials stored in the Secure Store database.

Configuration procedure

Open the Central Administration then in "System Settings" click "Manage Services on Server".

Manage Services on Server

Start the Secure Store Service, then open "Security" then in "General Security" click "Configure Managed Account".

Configure Managed Account

Create a user separate user account in the active directory for each service based on your requirements. Please enter the user credentials here.

register managed account in share point 2013

And open the Manage Service Application.

Manage Service Application in share point

Click on the New button and select Secure Store Services.

secure store service in share point

Enter the Service Application Name, DB Server Name, DB Name and Authentication type here.

create new secure store service

The new service is created as "Secure Store Service".

search Secure Store Service

Click on the Secure Store Service and Generate New Key.

Generate New Key in share point

Enter the Pass Phrase here.

Enter the Pass Phrase in share point

Then we need to create a new Manage Target Application, click on the New button.

create a new Manage Target Application

Enter the Target Application ID Details here and click on the Next Button

create new secure store application

Then Click on "Next".

create new secure store application

Enter the Target Application Admin Details here and click OK.

Application Admin Details in share point


In this article we learned how to configure the Secure Store Service in SharePoint 2013.