Developing Websites using Themes (Introduction): Part 1



Theme enables us to apply a consistent style to the ASP.Net pages or say in website. We can use a Theme to control the appearance of both the HTML elements and ASP.NET controls that appear in a page. Themes are very different than Master Pages. A Master Page enables us to share same content across multiple pages in website whereas a Theme enables us to control the appearance of the content in website.


How to create Themes

If we want to create Theme then we have to add a new folder in our application named App_Themes. If we add another folder in App_Themes folder will represent a different Theme. One thing always remembers that we add App_Themes folder in root of application not any where else. If App_Themes folder does not exist then, we can create a new Theme folder by right-clicking the name of your project in the Solution Explorer window and selecting Add ASP.NET Folder, Theme. A Theme folder can contain a variety of different types of files, including images and text files. We also can organize the contents of a Theme folder by adding multiple subfolders to a Theme folder.

Most important types of files in a Theme folder are the following:

  • SkinFiles
  • CascadingStyle Sheet Files

Note: Please learn next part for coding.


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