Setup Picture Password (Picture Logon) in Windows 8

In Windows 8 we have three password options:

  1. Live Account Password (works like a normal password)

  2. Picture Password and

  3. PIN Password

In this article we will see how to set up a Picture Password.

A Picture Password is a new way to help you protect your touch-screen PC (most often). You choose a picture and three gestures (three circles, straight lines or taps) for this picture to create a password that's uniquely yours. When you have chosen a picture, you draw (circles, straight lines or taps) directly on the picture. The size, position and direction of your drawing (gestures) become part of your picture password. So, you need to remember the size, position and direction of your gesture and the order in which you make them on the picture.

The following are the steps to set up a Picture Password.

Step 1

On the default Metro Style home window, click on "Control Panel" and then select "Users". Alternatively, if you are on Desktop, just move your mouse bottom right side and click on "Settings" and then at the bottom click on "Change PC Settings" and in the Metro App click on "Users".



Step 2

Now if you click on "Users" then you will see the following screen:


Now you can see the highlighted "Create a Picture Password" option as in the above image. Click over this and you will be asked to enter the existing password (probably Windows Live account password) to proceed.


Step 3

Once you have entered the existing password, you will get a screen to choose the picture:


Once you click on "Choose picture", you will get various options to choose a picture from various locations such as SkyDrive, Local Disks etc.


Step 4

Now, check the picture and click on the open button; you will get the following screen:


Click on "Use this picture" and start your drawing (circles, straight lines or taps), call it gestures:


Now you are all set to check it.

How to remove it?


I hope you like it. Thanks.

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