Community Portal Site in SharePoint 2013

In this article you will see the Community Portal Site features in SharePoint 2013.

Community Portal Template

Community Portal in SharePoint 2013 is a new site collection to display all the community sites in a web part page. It allows the users to browse and search for popular communities, collaborate with others to find the answers for the questions and discover topics of interest. Community Portal consists of Search Web Parts and Popular Communities Web Parts.

1. Search Web Part: Allows users to search communities or other contents.

Search Web Part
2. Popular Communities Web Part: Displays all the communities.

Popular Communities web Part
The sort order in Popular Communities is determined by the number of posts, number of replies and number of members. Posts or Discussions are weighted higher than replies and members. Replies and members are weighted the same.

Create Community Site Portal

  1. Login to Office 365 microsoftonline.
  2. Click on the Admin drop down and then click on SharePoint.

    Admin drop down

  3. Click on New in the Site Collections tab and then click on Private Site Collection.

    Site Collections tab

  4. Enter the Title, Web Site Address, Template, Administrator and then click on Ok.

    Site Collection

  5. Community Portal is created successfully.
  6. Navigate to the Community Portal.
  7. You will be able to see all the popular community sites (I have 2 community sites) as shown below.

    community sites

  8. Click on “…” to view the community details in the Hover Plane.

    community details


Thus in this article you saw the features of a Community Portal Site in SharePoint 2013. 

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