Deploy ASP.Net Website on IIS in Our Local Machine

First open your ASP.Net web application in Visual Studio.

Now in the top we have the option Build. Click on that and under Build you will find Publish Website.

Publish Website

Click on Publish Website. Now open the publish web pop-up.

For Publish method select File System.

For Target location specify where to save your web application DLL file.

click on publish

Then click on publish.

Go to the target folder and in that location you will see your web application DLL file.

dll file

Now open IIS manager. (Type inetmgr in the run command.)

Right-click on Default Application and Add Application.

Add Application

Enter Alias name then select an Application pool and Physical path.

Physical path

Now Double-click on default document.

default document

And add a start page of your web application. Here my application start page is EstimationSlip.aspx.

add start page

Now right-click on your application and browse.

application and browse

See your application without Visual Studio.



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