Insert, Update and Delete Data in MVC5 Using Entity Framework

Here we use Entity Framework 6 with MVC5.

  • First here is our SQL table:

    SQL Table

  • So for this tutorial first we will create a new empty MVC application. In this we will add an ADO.Net entity data model to the Model as in the following:

    new model

  • Select "EF Designer from database".

    EF designer from database

  • Then select Server name and Database name.

     servername databasen

  • Select the Yes radio button and click on "Next".

    yes radio button

  • Select "Entity Framework 6.x".

     entity framework

  • Then select the table.

    select table

  • Now MVCdb.edmx has been added to the Model folder.

    model folder

  • Now add an Employee Controller as in the following:

    employee controller

  • Choose "MVC5 Controller with views, using Entity Framework".

    choose mvc5 controller

  • Select Model class and DataContextClass and provide the Controller name Employee.

    selecct model class

  • So now, automatically create an Index, Create, Delete, Edit and Details Views and Controller actions.

    cs program

  • Now run the application (Ctrl+F5).

    run application

  • Click on "Create New".

    create new

  • Add data and click on the Create button.

    add data

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