Why Developers Should Not Test Their Own Software

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Software testing is not just a process but it is a individual style in throughout software processes. There is a frequent question we all would have heard about that “Why can't developers themselves test their developed software?” This actually is like students writing public examinations and evaluating their own papers by themselves. Does this makes sense? Similarly will an application developed and tested by the same person make sense? Definitely not and let us see the reasons hidden behind the questions.

Tendencies towards their code

Generally the human tendency is to refuse to admit or explore their own mistakes or flaws to others. Similarly the code is being made ready with much difficulties and they will never think that their code will work incorrectly. The application developed is like their own child where they refuse to express their own child's mistakes. This is why a developer will never think or express the mistake that they have developed.

Developers are Optimistic

Developers develop in the way that the required functionality will work perfectly. They will be pretty good enough in picking a functionality and only focus on building that functionality efficiently whereas they are totally opposite from testers. Testers think creatively to break the software in various ways. A software tester will apply to test the functionality with positive test cases only when all the negative test cases run out of the pass status.

Regression Confusion

Developers focus on the functionality and develop in a single sprint and when the next sprint starts they become confused with the previous sprint and there occurs a bug with business logic or bug with the previously developed functionality. The requirements are being considered by a developer as only functionalities and if they misunderstand the requirements then surely there will be a failure in the application regardless of how well they test the application. Here the testers view the requirements in the business point of view so we can accomplish what is required.

Good fixers but poor breakers

The developers test only for the developed functionality or fixed code and if it works good then their testing is over whereas the tester's major goal is to break the application and some how they will find bugs and help the developers understand how that specific functionality should be.

Weak End-to-End perspective

Most developers have a single focus on a specific task or functionality that they choose for the day and they work with a single point or focus whereas if they test that single functionality with a single point of view then surely it will not fit them with the upcoming functionalities. Here the testers think broadly on the functionality along with the total application that will be on their mind whether it is the first sprint or following many sprints. This will help to complete the total application earlier and easier.

Less experience

The software tester gains a vast experience where a wide complex knowledge will be gained will common bugs and tough application logics. Due to immersion of testing a tester will easily find bugs and test them whereas the developers have a skill set only for fixing the broken application but not to break an application. Testing will be done only through the capabilities of a professional software tester since they have the capabilities of grasping fully and master the concepts. They also have a wide range of understanding of the tools and methodologies that requires some time to be understood by others.

This is why we have a testing team and I am not saying developers are bad testers but at the same time they are not as proficient and experienced as a true tester. Everyone has their own specialization and it is very important to excel with their own areas. Most of the developers think that we testers are intentionally breaking and finding bugs in their application but the fact is the application developed have bugs so we only determine the bugs. Other than this, a tester is always a developer's best friend.

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