Mumbai Chapter - Windows Communication Foundation (HOL)

I am pleased to provide for you a success story of the Mumbai C# Group once again.

The "Larch" room had a full audience in which a lot of brainstorming on WCF (HOL) occured.

Date: 17/03/2013

Venue: Microsoft Office, Santacruz (Mumbai)

We covered the following topics:

  1. Introduction to WCF
  2. What , Why and How questions for the same.
  3. Covered bindings.
  4. Covered Real time scenarios.


Speaker Kamal Singh Rawat in action introducing WCF.


Participants implementing the code on their machines.


ShivPrasad Koirala Sir explaining what is REST?


Full concentration with pin drop silence.


Last but not the least.. Happy Soft (Drink) and snacks time...

Many thanks to Tanmay, Biplab from Microsoft Team, ShivPrasad Koirala and Mumbai C# group team and the active participants to make this event successful.

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