Quick Recap of C# Corner Mumbai Meet : Performance Tuning

Recently the Mumbai C# corner team conducted session performance tuning and MVC. You can view the event agenda from Performance tuning in .NET.

We are extremely thankful to Biplab Paul to provide us Microsoft Office for this session. Biplab is currently the program manager for the MVP award program.

The first session was by Shivprasad Koirala where he discussed:

  • Difference between memory leak and memory consumption.
  • How to detect managed and unmanaged memory leaks.
  • How to use the Visual Studio profiler to detect the code where the problem is.
  • Importance of the WinDBG tool and how to detect code that causes issues.


The following is a snapshot of a super 1000000 loop that Shivprasad Koirala used to show memory consumption and garbage collector generations GC 0 ,1 and 2.

Pravin Joshi (the yellow shirt guy in the following image) gave valuable inputs on how to use WinDBG.

It was followed by a nice veg lunch, thanks for questpond for the food sponsorship.

It's a tough task to retain participants after food, but the reverse was true, the participants where double-charged because of Mr. Sukesh Marla's excellent MVC session. He actively writes on his blog sukesh-marla. Mr. Sukesh Marla took the following topics :
  • Simple hello world in MVC.
  • How to bind model with view
  • How to pass data from view to the controller.
  • Importance of view model.
  • HTML helper class.


The second session was completely hands on. Most of the participants had brought in their laptop and everyone was glued to the demos.

We would like more of you guys to not only participate but also come as speakers. If interested in speaking do send your topics, what you will speak and your name at [email protected].

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