How to Create Business on Google Business

Google Business is a platform for users to create an environment for publishing content and represent their own company in the Google search list. After creating a Google Business, a user can provide an advertisement on the right side of the Google search page. The user can interact with many people for selling his/her company product, he/she can also advertise for educational purposes, for publicity, and so on.

Register on Google Business:

  1. First open the Google Business official website .com/business/.

  2. Then click the button “Get on Google”.

  3. Then sign into your Google account.

    Sign to your Google account
    Figure 1: Sign into your Google account

  4. Type your business name in the search box and press Enter.

  5. Then a dropdown list shows the same business list, but here you want create a new one. For this, click the link “Add your Business” list that is shown in the following image.

    Add your Business
    Figure 2: Add your Business

  6. A form will be provided for getting information about your business.

    Getting information
    Figure 3: Getting information

  7. Fill in all the information correctly. However, after submitting your form, Google will search your address location. If it does not match, it will show an error as in the following screenshot.
    Your address location
    Figure 4: Your address location

  8. Don't worry and click on “Having trouble? Help us locate your business”.

  9. Then Google will provide a Red marker for choosing your location on the map with drag and drop.

  10. After selecting the location, click on Done and again click on the Submit button.

  11. You will be shown a form to Add your city or Zip code, then click Continue.

  12. Confirm your business name.

    Confirm your business name
    Figure 5: Confirm your business name. The Postcard will reach in about 15 to 20 days at the given address.

Now you can expand your business and earn money to attract people with the help of advertisements.

Thank you.