Apple Has Unveiled Mac OS X El Capitan

Hello everyone.

Apple has introduced it's latest version of operating system known as EL Capitan. El Capitan is named for a vertical monolithic granite rock formation in Yosemite National Park that is one of the world's favorite challenges for rock climbers and BASE jumpers. El Capitan is Spanish for The Captain. The main reason for introducing this new OS is to increase experience and performance. There are many new things available in this new OS. Using this we can pin sites in the tab bar by dragging them to the left in the Safari browser. The best feature in it is the new smarter Spotlight and a new technique for managing the full screen app now. In this OS we also enjoy the Split View technique just like the Aero snap in Windows 8. If we talk about the experience, it provides the simplest and easiest way to work on, it is just similar to your Mac environment.

Now we will explain the features of EL Capitan one by one.

Splitting Screen

As we know, at the current time everyone enjoys doing multiple things at the same time. We are very familiar with the Mac OS providing the ability to run and work on multiple apps at a time, but now XL Capitan provides the facilities to divide a screen into two parts using this feature. For example, if you book tickets for a movie during this then you can also chat with your friends in a single screen.

Figure 1:
Split Screen in XL Capitan

Mission Control

We all want to manage things more easily. While we have our Mac open we always want to easily manage things on the screen. This new OS provides the ability to manage all the open tabs with a single swipe in a single layer. It is simple to do, just drag the window on the top of your screen and then you can manage them at your screen depending on your needs. This feature is known as mission control because here we control the space on the screen. There are changes that can be done in the interface. The blur effect of the wallpaper is now a thing of the past.

Figure 2:
Mission Control


Spotlight is used for searching in the Mac, now in this new OS XL Capitan the spotlight features are improved. Spotlight has introduced new data sources. Now searching is even faster in Spotlight compared with the previous version. Now it gives more appropriate results. It is easy to find the current whether, stock market and Cricket scores. Now Spotlight will not ask you the specific searching word. For example, if you search for Sachin Tendulkar's birthday then it gives you all the appropriate results related to it Sachin's birthday and place of birth.

Figure 3:
Spotlight in EL Capitan


Now it easy to maintain your contact list and calendar in the mail that is found in the right of the inbox. In this feature we have the ability to swipe a gesture from the screen and use it in our mail. It also provides the feature of full screen mode for the mail. Using it you can see and manage all your mail on the screen. When composing mail you can drop at the bottom of the screen and manage the your inbox easily.

Figure 4: Mail in EL Capitan


Now you can provide a good look for your photos using third-party tools. Now there are many third-party photo editing tools available. Using them you can edit your photos in your desired view. You can add subtle filters to use beautiful texture effects and make changes in color, brightness, tuned and so on.

Figure 5: Photo in EL Capitan


Safari is the best browser for surfing on the Mac operating system. Now in the new EL Capitan the features of Safari are enhanced and now it provides the ability to pin your favorite sites. We can also mute the audio of the tab. We can also play a video from a web page to our Apple TV just click on the Airplay icon. It is very simple to access it as shown on the web videos so using it you can enjoy video on the big screen. This new feature works just like bookmarks so you can forget about manually entering the URL. There is also a mute noise tab available in Safari to mute the sounds.

Figure 6: Safari Browser

Metal Graphics

As its name, graphics, seems, it works for graphics. This new graphics improves the performance by 50 percent when compared with the previous graphics. It also performs great scheduling when the CPU uses less than the 40 percent power. Using the new graphics, the battery performance is also be increased. This metal graphics provide better performance for the user when they play the multiplayer games or high definition games and also for the big apps. Metal graphics improves drawing call performance by up to 10x and pave the way for new levels of realism.

Figure 7: Metal Graphics


We always make notes for remembering the special works that is greater and most important for us. In this OS is a new notes feature that is very useful. Now in this new notes we can add images, maps, text, drawings and so on. We can sync our notes among all Apple devices that are used by us. Now it is very easy way to create a list in Notes while using EL Capitan. You can add your event in this list and connect it through the Icloud. Now your events are visible among all of your Apple devices.

Figure 8: Notes in EL Capitan


In today's world everyone goes from one place to another place. So maps are a feature to easily find the location of a place. Now using maps we can select the destination address and choose the best path/route for us for that specific place. It provides you directions from your source place to the destination place. Now you can plan a route on your Mac device and send this route on your iPhone. Now it gives you stop-by-stop directions for your desired destination.

Figure 9: Map

Big Cursor

This is a really good feature in EL Capitan. Sometimes there are many things available on our desktop and the color of them are similar to other items. Then it is not easy to find the Cursor. So a big Cursor can overcome the problem. When you cannot find your cursor then shake your finger on the touch pad and then your cursor size will be increased in your desktop through which you can easily find the Cursor.

Figure 10: Big Cursor

These are some of the features introduced in EL Capitan. I hope Apple lovers like it and give it as much love as they give to Mac because this new operating system makes things easier and faster for the users.