Export the Server Authentication Certificate to a File


This article explains how to export the Server Authentication Certificate to a file.

In one of my previous articles you learned How to Create Certificate for AD FS. In this article we will export that certificate to a file.

Step 1

First of all open the Administrative Tools from the Start Menu.

certificate 1.jpg

Step 2

Now in the Administrative Tools many options will be available, among them open the option named IIS Manager.

certificate 2.jpg

Step 3

Now your IIS Manager Wizard will open. On the left hand side will be the Connections pane. Here click on your server name.

certificate 3.jpg

Step 4

In the center pane find "Server Certificates", it is under the IIS.

certificate 4.jpg

Step 5

Now the Server Certificates Wizard will open, here you will find the certificate that we had created previously.


Right-click on this certificate and choose to Export.

Step 6

Now provide the file name where this certificate should be exported to and also provide the password. Then confirm your password and then click on the "Ok" Button.


Your certificate will then be exported.

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