How to Set Aging/Scavenging Properties For the DNS Server


In this article you will learn how to set Aging/Scavenging Properties for the DNS Server.

Step 1

First of all open the Administrative Tools from the Start Menu.

record 1.jpg

Now in the Administrative Tools many options will be available and one of them will be "DNS", double-click on that to open it.

record 2.jpg

Step 2

Now the DNS Manager Wizard will be opened, here on the left hand side DNS Server will be available.

record 3.jpg

Expand the Server name under the DNS.

record 4.jpg

Step 3

Now right-click on your Server and choose to Set Aging/Scavenging for All Zones.


Now your Aging and Scavenging Properties Window will be opened, here first of all check the option for Scavenge State Resource Records.

On this Page 2 Panes are available one for the No-Refresh Interval and other for the Refresh Interval.

The No-Refresh Interval is the time between the most recent refresh of a record timestamp and the moment when the timestamp may be refreshed again.

You can provide the Interval for No-Refresh either in days or in hours.

The Refresh Interval is the time between the earliest moment when a record Timestamp can be refreshed and the earliest moment when the record can be scavenged. The Refresh Interval must be longer than the maximum record refresh period.

This interval can also be in days or in hours.


After providing all the intervals click on "Ok" to apply the settings changed.

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