How to Turn on/off Tablet Mode in Windows 10


Windows 10’s Tablet Mode provides a more touch-friendly experience by making all applications run full screen and giving you a start screen instead of a start menu. When you switch Windows 10 to Tablet Mode you witness manifold choices like whether you want to automatically go to desktop or tablet mode or allow system to remember what you have used last or pass through confirmation every time and few more.

If you want to turn on Tablet Mode follow the below steps.

Step 1

Go to the start menu and click on settings. 

Figure 1: Setting

Step 2

Clicking on settings opens a new window with many options. Click on System.

Figure 2: System Category

Step 3

On the left side bar you can see many options, click on Tablet mode.

Figure 3: Tablet mode under System category

Step 4

This will open up the settings for Tablet mode in this tab. Now, you can see a slider to turn on or off the tablet mode. 

Figure 4: Tablet Mode

Step 5

Now, I will point out some other settings with different headings. First option is "When I Sign in", which has three options

  1. Automatically switch to tablet mode: Your system will automatically switch to the Tablet mode.

  2. Go to the desktop: This always takes you to the desktop mode whenever you sign in.

  3. Remember what I used last: Depends on your last usage.  
Figure 5: Sign In Option

Select any one option as per your requirement.

Step 6

In Tablet Mode second option is when this device automatically switches tablet mode on or off, there are also three options

  1. Don’t ask me and don’t switch.

  2. Always ask me before switching: Every time you will get a pop up whenever the system senses the detachment of keyboard from the device.

  3. Don’t ask me and always switch: Whenever the keyboard is moved from the device, the tablet mode will turn on without your confirmation.  
Figure 6: Switching Option

Here you can choose any one as per your requirement.

If you don't want to see apps in tablet mode, you can turn on the last option "hide app icons on the taskbar in tablet mode".  

Figure 7: Display or hide the app icons on the taskbar in tablet mode


This article shows you how to turn on tablet mode in windows 10.

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