Turn on Developer Mode in Windows 10


Windows 10 has many attractive features and Developer Mode is one of them. One of the best things about Windows 10 is that it includes useful tools and utilities, not just for regular users, but also power users and developers.
In this developer mode you can develop universal apps. This configuration option allows you to enable modes intended for development, for instance to test applications that you are developing on a live system to ensure that they work properly. All other non-certified apps are allowed to load sideways to the operating systems.
Let’s see how you can turn on Developer Mode in Windows 10.
Turning on the developer mode in Windows 10 is very easy. To understand how you can turn on developer mode in Windows 10 use the following procedure.
Step 1
Click on the Home button and go the Settings.

Figure 1: Setting 
Step 2
After clicking, a new window is opened. Click on update and security.

Figure 2: Update and security
Step 3
You will then see in your left side bar many options, click the one "For developers".

Figure 3: Select "For developers"
Step 4
Look at the right side area of "For developers" in which you will see the following three options.

Figure 4: Use developer features
Step 5
See the last option for developer mode, select it. Tick against the round box of Developer mode and you are done. You have successfully turned on developer mode in Windows 10. Your PC can now be used for advanced Windows 10 development purposes, in other words for app development and app management.
Figure 5: Select developer mode
You can debug your apps on that device if you choose developer mode. You can also sideload any apps if you choose developer mode, even ones that you have not developed on the device. You just need to install the .appx with its certificate for sideloading.
The developer mode is quite a useful specialty of Windows 10. This feature is extremely helpful for all those out there who are interested in developing platforms and/or apps in Windows 10. If you love developing platforms and managing apps then try to open Developer Mode in Windows 10 yourself.
This article showed how to turn on developer mode in Windows 10.

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